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Why Wayapa Wuurrks

In the age of instant access to just about everything, from food, to information to insights into others lives, we have become more disconnected then ever.  We have the world at a click of a button and yet we are more depressed, more lonely, more physically unwell then we have ever been before.  In the ‘age of connection’ we as a people are disconnected from each other, from ourselves and more concerningly from Mother Earth, our planet.   Wayapa is a modality and earth mindfulness practice that helps us to plug back in and re-establish that connection and it is one of my most favorite things to do.  I love it so much I forgo the use of proper English to portray just how much this means to me to be able to practice and deliver such a world changing practice to anyone who is willing to go on that journey with me.

Prior to a recent Wayapa introduction work shop I was talking to a participant and we were sharing information around sustainable and ethical brands for different products.  As we were talking and I was reflecting on my own ways of earth mindful living  I realised I had lived my life in 3 major sections (to date) and this wasn’t always in alignment with my purpose and my responsibility as a first nations person and original custodian of the land.  So Lets go on that Journey together.

STAGE 1 … when I was born .. haha no not really HOWEVER , When I was in primary school this ‘stuff’ this learning stuff and looking after the environment stuff  was embedded into our school lives.  We would go down to lock 11 ( I grew up in Mildura Victoria) and the River  ( the Murray) and we would learn how to collect samples to look closely at just how healthy the River was  and look at water creatures and the eco systems that they exist in.  We would recycle and I was even part of the inaugural river health conference this I think was my first gig as a presenter at the green age of maybe 10 so you know #killingit ! .  Not only was this within our formal education  we lived it, when we went out fishing we were taught you weren’t allowed to take certain fish because of size or if they were mummy fish and going to lay eggs or just if they were old and been around for ever and about balance and the need to only take what is needed.  We learnt how to camp and to look after the area we were staying in and all of these behaviours and actions were second nature.

Then life got ‘serious’ and ‘busy’ ENTER STAGE 2 .  Year 12 came and went, uni started which meant relocating to the big smoke, where I spent my first 2 years in a cloud of anxiety and the environment, sadly, didn’t matter much to me anymore.  We are taught that there are things that are more important, a TER score, a university admission, passing the ridiculous number of exams and assignments handed out at exactly the same time from every subject each term. We forget, or I should say I forgot  that with out the earth under our feet there is nothing to build those universities on ( calm down everyone education is a love of mine as well and important for many many different reasons , this is a different blog haha) and limited resources to sustain a way of life we have rapidly become accustomed too.

Now I am in the third phase.  This Phase was opened with Wayapa and lead me back to becoming reconnected with my purpose and responsibility and it also coincided with me having my own children.  Every day I am trying to be a better mother, and this lead me becoming more aware of the environmental impact of children (disposable nappies and wipes) on the environment but also what am I leaving my two favourite little humans.  On one particular adventure we went to Imax to watch Turtle Odyssey.  Side note, If you want to learn cool random shit, have kids! no don’t haha have a much better reason but it is a great unexpected by product of reproduction.    Through the dulcet tones of Russel Crow and animated narrations from my two boys, in 45 mins not only did we have an amazing cinematic experience but we also learnt that in 10 years’ time , if we keep going the way we are going with consuming and using plastic, there will be more plastic in the ocean then fish.  We learnt that the number one biggest threat to our Turtles who have been living on this planet , unchanged evolutionarily and biologically in make for centuries is humans and more specifically, waste and plastic waste.  There are 8 species of green sea turtle and all 8 are threatened or endangered and one of the biggest threats to the population is plastic.   There is a whopping 8 Million tonnes of plastic going into our oceans per year !! we need to do better and we need to be angry  and upset about this to change our behaviour and the way we consume products and the way we get caught up in cycles of convenience.

Hold up Jacara , why are you getting some worked up about turtles?

And the answer to that is also something I learnt through the doco and Octonauts (ABC Kids)  ! #mumlyf  we are all interconnected and there is a balance.  Turtles are a keystone species and they are vital to the ecological balance of ocean life. They are also culturally very important to a lot of different mobs.   If you lose any species or part of this balance you severely effect our entire eco system and the Earth and if it’s a Key stone species, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this is a really big problem !


The Turtle in ‘ Turtle odyssey’ her name was Bundji .  There was something about hearing my little men with a tinge of sadness in their voices asking if Bundji was going to be ok that really had an impact, they were referring mostly to the Shark that was trying to eat Bundji but sadly in all honesty I couldn’t say yes Bundji will be ok.  Wayapa reconnects us, it focuses on healing our planet and by doing this healing us and it forces us to look at our decisions through the lenses of a child and ask ourselves what are we leaving our next generation? Will there be little Bundjis for my babies babies to sit and be in awe of and are we going to wake up as a society and realise that there ‘ is no planet B’ this is it team, this is life.

Wayapa is an Earth mindfulness practice that uses narrative meditation, gentle movement and earth mindfulness to reconnect the disconnected.   The final element of Wayapa is the Child.  Life doesn’t happen by accident, as Aboriginal people we have a deep connection with our land and our culture and purpose calls on us to look after our mother.  I started as a child practicing this, lost my way and it took my own children to bring me back .   Wayapa Wuurrk asks us to engage in a way of living that will make sure there is plenty more for the generations to come.  I have had the pleasure of delivery and introducing Wayapa across Melbourne this year and look forward to doing many more.   What is a small step you will take today to make a big impact?



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