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The Spirit of Aloha- Part 2

By April 15, 2018Team Storm Blog

Hi team how did you enjoy Aloha part 1?  I am hopeful that there is a little gem of significance in each piece we write/ bring to you from other writers.  Having said that please contact us or comment below your feedback AND people who inspire you and would really love to hear from.  We can’t promise anything but we can do our best.

That brings us to Part 2 ! I always like to add a bit of practicality and tangibility to advice and suggestions because we know you like to feel some sort of control and to be able to see progress or results and work on someTHING rather than just concepts.  Sooooo here are some travel tips and tricks for you if you are like me and worry about Exercise and Nutrition when you are away whether that be domestically or internationally.

  • Plan ahead – I just heard you groan haha, derp Jacara we have heard this 1000 times. I don’t think you can hear this enough! Planning is so key and can allay stress and anxiety.  We can only control something ridiculous like 5 % of what happens to us or in our environment, but we can map out and be aware of what we would like to happen and just be flexible enough to not lose our shit when said plan may not happen.  America, I find is extremely hard to eat well when you’re on the move.  We looked into pre-prepared meal companies explored the area we were staying in (as Shaun was mid-way through fight prep) and kind of sign posted the best places to eat when we were out and about. Don’t get me wrong we know eating and eating out is part of the travel  experience right!? Sitting around eating local food drinking and having some fun.  This can still happen just be mindful of your day to day that you’re not running to Maccas or kfc as your default when you’re out and about. The other way to address this is to book accommodation that is self-contained.  Go and do a big shop and prepare your own food.  More often than not it will also be much cheaper.Plan your training space too! if you are the type of person that would not survive a longer trip ( like over a week ) without a training session within a gym.  Book hotels with gym facilities or make choices factoring that in in terms of is there a gym close by.  These days this is not too hard to do.  You would have seen we had a great experience in planning a morning session at BJ Penns UFC gym Honolulu.  This was the best.  The facilities were first class; they had a lot of MMA and Boxing classes available and also a healthy cafeteria for post work out meals.  Happy Days !
  • HYDRATE feel great. Feeling jet lagged, drink some water, lethargic- water, sore- water, thirsty –water ( derp ) hungover form holiday margaritas – water  just make sure you are hydrated your body functions so much better when you are and you will enjoy all your experiences without too much discomfort.  Or recover quickly to move forward and enjoy your experiences from those cheeky margaritas.



  • Be kind to you- Its ok to miss a day or two.  Remember you are on holiday and it’s important to rest and recuperate your body for when you re-enter the real world and your life waiting for you at home.  So don’t beat yourself up mentally.   Especially if you are that person who hits the gym daily ! let the gym have a rest from you too.. its probably worn out from you and your killer work outs 😛


  • Incidental exercise is the best and have FUN!!!! if you have spoken to me post Hawaii you will know that we got very lost the first day and walked over 12 kms! This was not so fun BUT! Hawaii has so much room for activities!! There are a lot of beautiful hikes that you can do for low, low costs. There is also surfing, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, walking etc.  What struck me was how many bike stations where are around.  Similar to the ones we see here in Melbourne, where you hire them to ride around and explore and re dock them anywhere.  Low cost, and you can move around further. Good for you, good for the environment.   So take home message here is you will get a good work out without even knowing it if you sub out an uber and walk/bike or plan for active sight seeing /Activities.


  • Travel with equipment- Hold up , I’m not saying try and get some dumbbells in there .  All I am saying is utilise small pieces of equipment like micro bands , TheraBand’s to have at least some resistance .  You can do so much with this small piece of equipment that barely take up any room or weight in your bag.  If you were like us , travelling with someone, pack your gloves and focus pads, they will take up slightly more room but great to get a bit of stress relief out and a good hard session in mid trip !


There you go team some insights into the active traveller ! Sorry about the delay in getting part 2 to you.  Fight week is always busy .  So I am happy to bring you this off the back of another Team Storm win in the ring as well as a week that has brought lots of wins in life ! See you soon.


Coach Jacca.



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