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Team Training by Team Storm

By August 18, 2018Team Storm Blog

Team Training by Team Storm


What has been the one thing holding you back from taking that first step into the fitness wilderness?


Has it been fear? Insecurity? Apathy? Not knowing where to start or not wanting to do it alone?


Fear no more because your people here at Team Storm are adding more services to provide you with a supportive and welcoming group environment to start your health journey on and you definitely will not be doing this alone.


Our morning group classes will cater for all fitness levels with expert coaching from Team Storm Head Coach Jacara Thomas you will always have an option to push your limits in a safe way reducing the risk of injury and increasing the possibility of you smashing those winter goals.


For the first term we will be introducing two new classes. Team Training by Team Storm and Boxing.  That’s right fam we are not dressing it up.  Team Training is like Boot camp reinvigorated you will get a full body work out in 45 mins with one session being in doors with a more strength focus and the second session will be outdoors with a more High Intensity vibe combining cardio and resistance.


Boxing is Boxing.  We will always roll through technique as part of our warm up to make sure you are moving well and nailing those punches then we will make sure we are getting your heart rate well and truly raised as well as burning those calories while you are learning the ins and out of the sport.


Why team training?  The evidence tells us that group training can reduce anxiety and improve quality of life.  So, if we break that down.  That looks like connecting with people, moving with people.  Raising those endorphin levels (happy hormones) reducing those cortisol levels (stressed out hormone) burning that energy and those calories, mobilising your body so you can get through your every day no problems.

When can you get started? Any time.  We have Weekly memberships (no lock in ) Casual visits and bulk class passes available.  The best value for you would be a bulk purchase or membership. Both of these packages come with complimentary check in around weight, muscle mass and body fat percentages Pre, mid and post package.  This means we can get you the results you are looking for.


What else do you get ?

Access to our Strom FB group for members. This is our online community were you can access coach and member support.  Weekly accountability check in and challenges.

Our session times are below and we are based at the Reservoir scout hall.  75 Leamington Street.



615 am

715 am



615 am

715 am



7 am

We cannot wait for you to get started !! so if its something you have been thinking about even just a little bit come and give it a go.  As always please get in touch with us at hello@teamstorm.com.au or our socials @stormhealthandfitness (Insta and Facey)


Coach Jacca



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