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Living the Wayapa Way

By June 9, 2019Team Storm Blog

Any change that you plan to undertake in life is going to disrupt and take time to fully integrate into your day to day being. When I do a Wayapa Wuurrk shop I always say …pretty much , every time , reliable AF, if you take one thing away from today I want it to be a small achievable change to your everyday life that is going to make a big impact on the Earth and Environment, one thing, that’s it.  From this my hope is that you build on it.  Once you have planned and factored in that one thing, my hope is that you see now how you can build and add more things to make an even bigger impact with limited ‘inconvenience ‘to yourself and family.   This is the blog where I want to talk to you about what the day to day looks like living the Wayapa Way.   I am a mum and life is happening and amongst that we as a family are taking on the challenge to do this because of its importance.  As a strong and Proud Aboriginal family, to put it into western speak, It is our ‘core business’ , to look after country and its going to be a ‘ big piece of work’ so now we are going to  take a ‘ deep dive’ into Wayapa.  So as my 4-year-old says, Here we go!!


Legitimately the thing that is going to be the biggest asset to you is to start reframing the hustle.  Start challenging the idea of ‘no time’ and ‘busyness’ we need to prioritise and set our values in a way that allows us to live without the overwhelm.  We take on the skill of Mindfulness purposefully, not because it’s the current buzz word and everyone else is doing it.  We integrate this skill into our every day to connect to what matters.  This allows us to assess our behaviours and what we do when we plan our day, week, month, life.  We take time to think about the bigger picture and look at the long game which means we must challenge our current ideas around what is Convenient Vs Inconvenient.

Most of the changes I made individually and as a family whereas a result of becoming mindful of the activities I was engaging in during my day to day.   What I was using, how many times I took the bin out that week, what I was having to restock the most in my cupboards.  Once I became mindful, I then accepted that these next steps would take a shift, the first few weeks would be a struggle and I wasn’t going to get it right every time but I had to act and I had to plan to act.

So let’s break it down.  Practically what have we done as a family? I’m going to make this easy for you I am going to rate each action on a scale of 1-10 (10 being a hard change) and give you an insight into what it takes.

Keep Cups (we are mad coffee/ babycino/hot chocolate consumers) – 3/10 I revised this score, I had it at a 2 and upgraded it.  Keep cups are  fun, you can get some cool cups however !! prepping and making sure they are good to go in the AM when you are running out the door takes a bit of getting used to ( we don’t have a dishwasher) also you need to get the right cup and store it correctly so it doesn’t stink in the AM that can be off putting.  I highly recommend going with a glass cup.

Tupperware (to the max! ) and lunch preparation– 6/10 preparation and planning is hard  I’m not going to say it isn’t. Some weeks we just don’t do it as well as we want to but that doesn’t mean we stop trying, we do what we can when we can.  Normally Sunday night is a good night to do some prep, I plan a big meal for Sunday night either Roast, Chicken noodle soup, spag bol so that there is guaranteed leftovers and at least 1 meal for the next day done.

Bamboo Toothbrushes-2/10 – Most supermarkets now sell these so you don’t have to look very far, you make the decision and make the switch. BOOM!

Plastic less Shampoo and Conditioner -5/10 This one is a little harder because you really need to have a conversation to yourself about vanity and ego.  You take out all the stuff in shampoos and go all natural there is a change to your hair and its not bad , its just something that your not used to and you need to adjust to it and society has put a huge emphasis on beauty and hair so the shift won’t happen overnight, be kind to yourself and let go of unrealistic standards.  Be true to you.

Organic soaps -2/10– See Bamboo Toothbrushes.

Re usable produce bags – 3/10 (instead of the plastic ones at the supermarket, the ones you put your apples and shit in)  just remember to stash these in you shopping bags and you will be fine.

Reusbale shopping bag- 2/10 Easy as team we should all be doing this by now.

Reusable make up wipes- 1/10 – Just chuck this in the wash with everything else.

Bamboo cutlery and straws – 2/10 Remembering these is the hardest part of this task (if you haven’t picked up on this it’s a theme, remembering to begin with to turn it into a habit) .  Now I keep the in my work bag and it became second nature to transfer them across bags if I need too.  They come in a nice little carry case with straw cleaner.

Shopping for organic foods – 5/10 I rate this 5 out of 10 because depending on where you shop it can be tricky to get what you need and admittedly our next step is to start shopping for our fresh produce and meats market style , we are still a work in progress.

Growing your own foods – 10/10– Easily the hardest because I cant keep a herb garden alive but we are having small wins! we have grown and actually eaten Tomatoes! , have some broccoli, carrots and corn on the way as well as some parsley. The biggest thing for this is a bit of education and time but its about drawing on your resources.  I have a lot of friends who are willing to save my gardens for me who are experts, so I always ask them for a hand.  We spent a good chunk of the morning getting the stuff we needed and planting the veggie garden.  Now every morning I make a cup of tea and go and water and tend to the garden, it’s a great way to start the morning. Most veggies are quite easy to grow and if you purchase them at the right place you can always have a yarn with the people on the ground.

UPDATE ON THIS POINT !! we are a work in progress, our corn is struggling, our broccoli has been taken away by something (maybe a bird) and our carrots are deformed!! But we persist.

Menstrual Cups – 10/10 – Yeah, I said it because ladies we need to talk about it.  Pads and Tampons, no Bueno, we need to start moving towards better options.  I must admit for me this was/is a ten out of ten, I have since come across other options other than the cup , reusable pads etc but I am yet to explore what works for me best but again , sticking closely to the theme it’s about giving things a go and finding what works best for you.

Save the world Baby Nappies – 6/10– A bit of extra maintenance but the fun cute patterns really make it worth it J

Bokashi Bucket – 5/10– A much easier alternative to composting.  The catch with this one is, despite its assurances it wont smell. It smells and you must dig it into your garden bed and that can take a gut of steel but not as knowledge and energy intensive as composting.  Its composting for the busy.



This is just a small snap shot of what can be done, if you have your own deadly ideas or are doing things at home hit us up in the comments with your stories and recommendations .

Stay deadly fam and we will see you soon x




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