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Lightning Makes No Sound Until it Strikes – Welcome

By March 20, 2018Team Storm Blog

Wominjeka– Welcome!

WE ARE FINALLY HERE people.  Welcome.  It feels good to have our website finally go live.  We love interacting with you on social media so adding another platform to engage with you on just gets me way too excited. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN IN CAPS LOCKS THIS MUCH IN MY LIFE! haha.

First, we would like to acknowledge that we are living, working, writing this blog post on the land of the Wurundjeri people and pay our respects to the elders both past and present of the Kulin nations and all Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians who are here with us as part of our team.  This is important because as you come on this ride with us I hope what you will find some value and meaning in reconnecting back to our people, community, culture and environment.  I am not just referring to Aboriginal Culture but whatever that may look like in your life.  One of my firm beliefs is that people are, for whatever reason, becoming more isolated, disconnected and self-centered and therefore experiencing more suffering.  Suffering may not be a term you connect with but for you it may look like discomfort or constant dissatisfaction and what does this mean? it means we are caught in a cycle. Cycle of forever searching for happiness, the better body, the next best version of technology, a better job that just doesn’t exist.  They need to change or rather our  mindsets and values systems need to change to remove the cycles.   I know what you’re thinking, I thought I came to a fitness website? YOU 100 % DID! but as our home page states we are about change and sustainable change.  This means looking at yourself * cringe* *Here it comes* *mandatory use of buzz word* HOLISTICALLY!  But we mean truly holistically. You need to see yourself and understand yourself as a sum of many parts in this world and the influences upon you from your environment to truly change your life course and help shape your values systems .   Fitness played a major role in achieving this within my own life and Storm was built in the hope we could bring it to yours as well.


I became a fitness professional for the same reason I would think about 90% of fitness professional did too.  To support and walk alongside people to improve their quality of life.  So, don’t worry if you come to a session with us we don’t sit around, chanting, praying meditating discussing existential matters of the universe.  We train, and we train HARD! but our trainers are also skilled coaches and they will have you engaging in strategies to help you get back to the fundamentals of being a human being and get you living your best life.  Like one of my work mates says …living life like a Beyoncé music video.  Who doesn’t want a bit of Queen B action (or is it Queen bey? ) . So why us and not one of the other 90 %.  Because when we use words like Holistic and wellness.  We mean it.  We haven’t just tapped into some genius sales marketing pitch to sucker you in to buying our product.  We have the life experience and professional experience to genuinely change your mind set and help you improve your physical and mental health.  Check out our coaches BIOS for more information. Not only are they qualified but they are too deadly, down to earth and 100% approachable.

If you are still with me thank you! I look forward to sharing our next post with you and please. make your self comfortable, feel free to look around our site, follow us on our socials and contact us for a yarn and get on board with the Storm.

-Coach Jacara


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