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Goals-How do you know your on the right path ?

By July 8, 2018Team Storm Blog

Goals ! what’s the best way of measuring my goal ?  When I started writing this I had literally just finished training one of the Team Storm squad and had a really good yarn about her goals and what’s the best way for her to measure theses goals.  The answer to this question will be some what different to each person that we train but the over arching principle is that you MUST set bench marks no matter how hard they may be to see/hear.  You have moved from contemplating about a new way of life to action , and that my friends is bloody huge !!! so we need to make sure you are progressing because if you don’t see results you start to waiver from the path and may lapse back into old habits.

There are so many ways of doing this and its all about having open and honest lines of communication with your trainer and your self.  This particular client when we started did not want to be measured and did not want to get on the scales.  We then had to talk about well if we cant use some of those standard measurements how do we know we are moving towards the goals you have set for her own benefit but also to keep myself accountable as a coach.  This can be tricky territory as we settled on monitoring some ‘goal’ jeans and other clothes that she had.  This fam can be murky waters to sail as we all know we have those days where how we feel is definitely not aligned with the reality of how we look, our health and our weight and this method is definitely not ‘gold standard’ but it is 100% about listening to the client and where they are at and moving forward, getting out of their comfort zone in the most comfortable way possible.  Good news is about 3 months into training Client X had had some small wins and was now feeling more confident to let me take some measurements which gives us another set of benchmarks to measure from.  This was a huge step but we would never have got there if we had of rushed in with a rigid protocol of weighing and measuring.

As a coach I am hopeful that you health and fitness goals are about more than your appearance as your health is the most valuable thing you have and your body is capable of so much more than just looking fabulous so off course there is going to be multiple ways of measuring your goals.  The key take away here is that no matter how you do it you need to ‘measure’ it.  Set some bench marks  if you don’t know where you start from you cant reflect on your hard work and how far you have travelled.   It may seem like a simple obvious take home but I am constantly surprised at how many people avoid ‘looking’ honestly at their starting point.   What contributes to this? heaps of things number one and two would be fear and shame. What are you feeling shame around ? how far you have let your self go ? guess what you’ve done it now and as Rafiki says it doesn’t matter its in the past.  All that matters is what you do from this point forward  #Noshame.  Your scared things wont change ? yep fear will keep you there and yep shit gets hard sometimes but  some times you have to take a little jump to   #liveyourdeadliestlife .


Ok so now you’ve got it measure, record , keep track of what ever it is you are working towards.  If you have got a goal but no plan on how to get there, not sure where to start or need to know the best way of measuring this goal.  Leave your deets in our forms on the website and I can give you a call and get you started !

Short but sweet tonight team .  Have a deadly week

Coach Jacca


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