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 Hello Team, 

Apologies for being quiet on the Blog Front ! I am happy to mark our return with a short piece from one of our favs! Mr Jack Stevens.  First Peoples Health and Well being and Team Storm have been working together to deliver a deadly group fitness program to the community that will help not only kick start your health and fitness journeys but build healthy lasting habits!  Enter Surge!  !   3 weeks in and we have had solid numbers that only continue to grow ( Despite the heat) and as a result we have made this weeks theme about Family and Friends.  We have invited all of our participants to bring a friend or family member to help our little fitness community grow!  There is no need to sign up once you have attended a Surge session you will be placed into our FB group for extra coaching, work outs , support and of course accountability !! ok enough from me over to the Jack Attack .


Your friends and family are a core component in your everyday life. They are there for support when you need it and they probably mean a lot to you. A friend or family member can help you through the hard times or when you feel like giving up. Not only can they support you through these difficult times, they can be a benefit to maintaining your exercise routine too!

Exercise and working out is a tough gig – if it were easy, we’d all have deadly super model bodies. Thirty minutes of jogging on the treadmill five days a week by yourself is a stale exercise routine that would be destined to fail very quickly. That’s why the option to recruit a family member or friend can bolster your routine. While you’re nailing those fitness goals, you’re catching up with that person, sharing a laugh and getting that encouragement you don’t get from the treadmill. That friend or family member you exercise with can be the reason you bust out another round of your workout circuit, or simply decide to extend your walk for another 15 minutes.

New exercise ideas are likely to arise when you workout with someone. Variety is a vital component to sticking with your exercise routine, and your exercise buddy will most likely have a few exercise ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. You might realise that the next day will be way too hot to exercise outside, so your friend might suggest swimming some laps at the pool together instead. Sometimes we forget how important it is to have fun when we exercise, so one day your competitive side might be calling, suggesting a mini rep challenge or ‘olympics’ where you compete against your buddy as your workout.

You’re more likely to commit to your exercise routine when training with someone – don’t go cancelling on them to have a sleep in! Together you will reap the health benefits both physically and mentally. Who are you going to recruit as your exercise partner?


  • Jack Stevens- FPHW and all round Deadly Fullah ! 🙂



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