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Do You Have Your Road Map?

By March 17, 2019Team Storm Blog

Hey You, How’s life been?  It been a whirlwind start to 2019.  Storm is experiencing a lot of changes! but guys that’s living and that’s what life is all about so get amongst it and embrace it.  One of the new and exciting things that we keep banging on about is our Surge program in Partnership with First People’s Health and Wellbeing in Thomastown.  We had record signups and have built a supportive deadly community that keeps everyone accountable to their goals and keeps everyone COMMITTED! Which leads nicely into this week’s blog.  Goals and Commitment. What is a Goal? How to we set Goals? How do we achieve goals and How do we stay committed?  Hint its not an 8 week challenge on repeat (whoop there it is! ha-ha )

How many times have you started any task …and I am talking ANY task and not finished it? A lot of times right.  Well no more.  We are going to find your hustle and one of the first things you have to do is get really clear on what your Goal is and why this is important to you.

What is a Goal?

A goal is something that has an end date.  At Storm when we have a bit more time to work with you, we prefer to implement systems that will lead you to a happier healthier life based on Values.  Values don’t have an end date they are something we continually work towards and help sustain a healthier lifestyle.  So, you would see why we would want to teach and work with our Team this way.  However Goals are important, they can keep you motivated and keep you committed when you have a SOLID and TANGIBLE thing to work towards and something that suits blog content perfectly as well as life.

GOAL= I want to lose 5 kg in 1 month.

VALUES= I want to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Guys this is really simplistic, and I will give you some extra content on that but for now I hope that paints the picture.


How do we set Goals?

If you are kind of floating along at the moment like a leaf on a stream now is the time to do some research.  Without going right into SMART goals, take that scary leap, pick something.  Maybe it’s something you have been thinking about for a while.  Tough Mudder, Join Crossfit box, lose 5 kg , improve your 1 km running time or even to run 5 km straight.  Pick it and write it down RIGHT NOW..Do not pass go , do not collect $200 if you don’t do this.   While you are setting your mind on this goal, think about why it is so important to you.  A lot of our clients want to lose weight so they can look after their children and be active in their lives, not just a bystander.  Maybe you have never run more than 1 km and you want to break down that story and you want to be that person who can run 5 km.  This will work better if you have an emotionally connection to the goal.  For me running was a huge one, I was never a ‘runner’ and breaking down that story, training for a half marathon in stinking Darwin heat changed my life.  I had something I had to prove to myself. Also as an active person I found myself in new territory when I had to give birth to my first baby via emergency C Section, the recovery was excruciatingly long for me and then after that I had 30 kg to drop so I could be the best mum I could be in my sons life.   So, factor this in to your goal setting and remember the higher the stakes the more likely you are going to commit.

Write down exactly what it is set an end date then plan what happens in between . If you are unsure of how to do this , I am a master, DM or email me ( coach Jac) we will do a complimentary goal setting session. Its super easy !  @stormhealthandfitness, hello@teamstorm.com.au


How do we achieve goals?

As I alluded to before we need a plan.  MACRO Level we have picked the goal and set the end date BOOM, tick done.  Meso (middle) we set weekly targets.  Micro (smaller, think details) Day by Day actions that you are going to take to move closer to my goal.  Tell some one really close to you about your Goal and ask them to be your accountability buddy, even if its just a text at the end of the week to say, ‘hey mate how’s the progress going?’ Another great idea that we touched on in our last blog was to work out with someone you don’t spend enough time with or a family member or friend.  That way when its tempting to hit snooze at 6 am you are less likely too because that person is waiting for you and not only will you let yourself down, but you have let them down too. Sad Panda.

  1. 5 kg weight loss – 4 weeks

-4 sessions in the gym per week 45-60 mins, write this in your diary EVERY WEEK. Block the time, value it and prioritise it.

-Week 1 food diary, week 2 tidying up nutrition and or see a specialist about tidying up my nutrition.

-Meal plan for the four weeks – This can be simple guys Cook in bulk at dinner so you have lunch ready for the next day etc.



BAD BAD NEWS team.  There is no silver bullet.  There will be times when you 100% do not want to do what you need to do.  No amount of Rocky music will get you out of bed.  At the end of the day it comes down to you. Your actions, your mindset, your behaviours.   Get clear on your goal, get clear on why that Goal is important to you and when you have these moments look at those things you have written down and talk to your accountability person about how your feeling.

Commitment is a discipline and it’s a mindset.  That means you must work on it every single day.

Wow..that was a wild ride, I hope you got something out of that and trust me I could talk to you all day and really unpack this stuff and am happy to do so , just get in touch.

For now that is all ! Stay deadly and if you are looking for a starting point Surge is 630 pm Wednesday at First Peoples Health and Wellbeing Thomastown Vic.


-Jaquara Jean ( Coach Jac)



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